Jon is the Instructional Designer with FTE Performance Consulting. Jon brings experience taking challenges head-on and has learned to harness his problem-solving skills to aid in finding countermeasures by exploring various options. He is focused on the creation and rigorous development of the FTE Microlearning curriculum. His career experience in teaching and writing has allowed him to develop courses both directly for FTE clientele and the FTE Microlearning online learning platform.

Notable experience and accomplishments:

  • Five years of experience designing curriculum and classroom instruction
  • The ability to read and understand complex materials through analysis and research of the most technically complicated literature written
  • Develop instructional design content that is digestible for the average Learner to be able to apply to their everyday job functions
  • Knowledge and understanding in applying analytical and critical analysis of literary works as well as driving participants to hone their ability as both writers and researchers
  • Experience in digital music production
    • Utilized content creation methodology to teach Learners about the digital recording process and techniques used in modern studies to aid in the creation of audio production

Prior to joining FTE Performance, he worked as a writing instructor and teacher within the State of Texas school districts. Jon spent his time teaching AP English students to understand advanced reading materials by creating compelling and digestible content that was more approachable for every student. Before discovering his passion for teaching others, Jon spent three years in auto insurance. He was taught valuable customer service skills, applied negotiation methodologies, and learned about the world of auto insurance.

Jon holds a Bachelor of Art in English with a minor in Music from Wayland University, Plainview, TX. He is pursuing a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing through Southern New Hampshire University, Manchester, New Hampshire.

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