Jason is an FTE Case Manager with over 30 years of experience in manufacturing from beginning to end of the business processes, from strategy and advanced product engineering to B2B sales, including product development, program management, manufacturing engineering, operations and business systems improvement.  Jason’s career has been focused on identifying the real value as far back as the business strategy, aligning the value stream throughout the business not just manufacturing operations, and working to perfect the flow and pull to efficiently and effectively drive profitable growth.

Notable experience and accomplishments:

  • Created and implemented an on-boarding training program for new hires at a multi-facility contract manufacturer which significantly improved under-90-day retention of new hires by adapting a Tell-Show-Do pedagogy into a cycle of increasing comprehension.
  • Streamlined quoting process for a contract manufacturer to improve throughput and reduce average time to completion, while simultaneously improving success on opportunities of greatest value creation by directing the right resources on the right problems.
  • As VP Strategy, Marketing, & New Revenue Development at MPI Corp, drove the focus of a multi-industry, multi-facility contract manufacturing company onto specifically targeted product-market segments, backed by re-alignment of the sales, engineering, quoting, and M&A activities, resulting in more than doubling revenues in those segments within five years.
  • As Director of Business Development at Magna Powertrain, worked with the VP Strategy and President to reorganize the collection of process-oriented divisions providing contract services into function-focused product development and manufacturing groups developing products and technologies for the improvement of fuel-economy and development of electrified automobiles.

Jason has over a dozen years of strategy and operations consulting experience serving manufacturing through Plante Moran and Harbour Results. In addition to consulting, Jason was the chief strategy officer of MPI Corporation, a holding company of manufacturing businesses, responsible for directing the strategies of the subsidiaries, and the M&A direction of the holding company.  This position followed roles as Global Product Manager and Director of Business Development with Magna Powertrain, a global supplier to the automotive industry. Jason began his career with various roles in plant, product, and manufacturing engineering with Delco Moraine, a division of General Motors, and Ford Motor Company.

Jason holds a Master of Business Administration from the University of Michigan-Dearborn, a Master of Science in Engineering, Industrial & Systems Engineering from the University of Michigan and a Bachelor of Science, Mechanical Engineering from Michigan Technological University. Jason also holds a License of Professional Engineering (P.E.) from the State of Michigan, and is a certified Strategy Management Professional (SMP) by the International Association for Strategic Planning.

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