Emma Lasker is a Consultant with FTE’s Global Consulting practice. She offers FTE 5 years of manufacturing experience in the shipbuilding and automotive industries. Her expertise includes quality engineering, equipment layout, material flow analysis, and optimization in the automotive industry.

Notable experience and accomplishments:

  • Quality Engineering expertise includes collaborating with manufacturing teams and diagnosing and troubleshooting quality concerns, oversaw production trial runs (PTR) for internal and supplier changes;
    • Produced Quality Alerts for training team members on changes and communicating customer quality concerns
    • Generate efficient communication boards on quality issues, check sheets, visual aids and PQS
    • Executed Red X problem-solving solutions to investigate quality and scrap
  • Led a two-year lean material movement project to optimize material flow across a plant.
    • The implementation resulted in a 20% headcount reduction.
  • Conducted a facility dock space analysis to optimize dock usage and layout for new business. Created a logout to improve the docking efficiency by 10%.
  • Aided in the layout development for new product launches and introduced AGVs for lean material movement. The product launched with a 3% headcount reduction to the original plan.
  • Analyzed daily operations and created production plans to meet customer requirements. Reduced changeover downtime by 15% with SOPs and visual aids.

Prior to consulting Emma held various positions within General Motors. Three of those years included Industrial Engineering and Lean Material Strategy positions with a focus on optimizing material flow and material movement. She also has experience planning production and quality engineering.

Emma holds a Master of Engineering in Engineering Management from the University at Buffalo and a Bachelors degree in Industrial Engineering from West Virginia University.

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