What are Triage & Turnaround Projects?

You may be looking for a quick point solution related to quality, delivery or cost. If you are experiencing less than optimal performance levels on one or more of your key programs and need to rapidly improve specific performance metrics we can help.


Triage and turnaround projects vary greatly from challenge to challenge, but all use a common framework for restoring your business to targeted performance. First, our experts leverage decades of experience to immediately contain the issue and “stop the bleeding”. As performance is stabilizing, we deploy proven practical problem-solving methodology to zero in on root causes so that we can develop and rapidly deploy countermeasures to enable turnaround. Finally, permanent and irreversible corrective actions are developed to ensure that the issues do not return and that improvements are sustainable.

We can support any or all of this process based on where you are in your turnaround initiative.


Triage projects are shorter-term engagements which typically last from 3 to 6 weeks. During that time, we will bring our experts in to address the issue, identify the root cause, contain it, and recommend permanent corrective actions. Here are some ways we can assist you:

Quality Containment
Spills happen. The most successful companies have structured containment processes that are initiated when a quality issue is discovered. We find that many of our clients don’t have this process defined or aren't equipped to properly handle it. This may be due to competence, resources, or timing or a combination of all three. We can help you diagnose and contain the issues and prevent the flow of defects to your customers.

Cost Reduction
It is not uncommon for a plant or division manager to be given specific cost reduction targets and to solicit outside help to identify and implement cost savings measures. Our advisors have addressed specific cost reduction challenges over the course of their professional careers. In this type of scenario, we identify and quantify the opportunities, create and execute the plans, and track the savings.

Interim Management Support
We can embed our advisors with extensive management or executive experience into an organization to fill temporary management roles. This can be due to personnel changes, new roles, or to improve performance in a specific area with the intention of developing existing workforce. At your request, we take an active role in: defining the roles & responsibilities for a permanent replacement; vetting potential candidates; and assisting with their on-boarding.

Problem Solving
We have the experience and expertise to apply proven Practical Problem-Solving methodologies to solve the most complex manufacturing problems and to equip our clients with the toolkits and training to solve these problems in the future.

Quick Solutions
Our quick and flexible approach to triage support will bring about rapid change in performance with respect to cost, quality, delivery and safety, while demonstrating a methodology that will change the way you think about these key metrics. Ultimately, we stop the bleeding while simultaneously help you understand how to achieve sustainable world-class operating performance over the long-term.
We put Veterans in your Corner
Throughout their careers as engineers, managers and executives, FTE’s Global Advisory Network partners have faced decades of turnaround challenges and have driven improvements at all levels of the organization from the shop floor to C-Suite. Let us align a veteran with your specific issue today.

“FTE helped us improve the throughput and quality in three of our critical factories. They did not just make a list of things for others to go do. They became a part of the team and brought the experience, leadership, processes, tools, and capacity to complement our production and continuous improvement teams in actually making the improvements on the shop floor. The results exceeded targets and have been sustained through continued use of the processes and systems deployed.”
Jeff Schick
Vice President Manufacturing
Pella Corporation
“We worked hard, laughed, and jabbed. We appreciate FTE becoming part of our team and are absolutely looking forward to partnering again in the future.”
Ann Fricke
Director of Operations
Dakkota Integrated Systems
“FTE Performance Consulting helped optimize our warehouse layout, storage, material flow and kitting processes with significant throughput improvement in three different facilities. We set new annual Sales and EBITA records in Q3, which were achieved with the optimization efforts led by FTE’s guidance contributing a great deal. They are very “hands-on” and we highly recommend FTE!”
John Hanighen
Cloyes Corporation
“What differentiates FTE from other Lean Consulting firms
is their flexibility and adaptability.
Tim Foley
Director, Performance and Learning
Navistar International
“I wholeheartedly recommend FTE to colleagues and associates. It’s a team full of cutting-edge talent, with dedication, and passion for creating stability and standardization within our organization”
Tim Hogan
District Director of Service
Rush Enterprises, Inc.
“Not only do they possess deep knowledge of Lean Manufacturing, but they also know how to transform organizations with practical and proven solutions.”
Steve St. Angelo
American Kaizen
Former Senior Managing Officer of Toyota Motor Corporation and Chief Executive Officer, Latin America, and Caribbean Region
“FTE Performance Consulting was outstanding in their performance with scoping, managing, and implementing the MES System in our Paint facility.”
Justin Schlater
IT Director Associate
Navistar International
“FTE is not a company to just tell you what needs to be improved, they will lead the improvement, ensure the alignment of leaders and that processes are in place to sustain gains.”
John Mocny
General Manager, Vehicle and Supply Chain Operations
Harley-Davidson Motor Company

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