What is Risk Management?

FTE Performance helps you look beyond the balance sheet to understand what is happening within the operations of your organization. We will help you discover opportunities to accelerate savings by identifying and focusing on cost drivers and process optimization. You’ll also gain a deeper understanding of your operations at the working level, so you can make short term tactical decisions as well as long term strategic ones.


Clients typically do a great job understanding the financial and transactional impact of their decisions, but they don’t always fully understand their operational imperatives and the risks associated with over or understating capacity or demand, equipment or facility utilization or the cost & ROI implications of lean transformation initiatives.

Our Senior Advisors provide insight into how operations impact the success of business from both a financial and strategic perspective. Attributes assessed include: Safety, Quality, Delivery, Cost and Culture. We compare client operations to industry benchmarks, gather detailed operational information at each level of the organization, and analyze our observations to determine overarching issues and associated risks.

In the Analysis phase we break down observations and compare against the operational data collected on-site to calculate the net present value of the costs and future value of the potential savings associated with our findings. Analytical models are developed to identify inefficiencies in specific areas, and our modeling tools provide insight on likely causes of the issues. Typical ROI models identify cost savings associated with items like OEE, stated vs. actual capacity, manpower, cost of quality, premium freight, overtime, 3rd party containment, workman’s comp along with direct and indirect material costs.

Risk Mitigation Planning
This phase starts with identifying changes to improve operational capabilities, capacities and efficiency and assessing additional operational risks that can impact the financial performance and other obligations of the firm. We then develop a plan to successfully restructure the operations to meet improvement initiatives, and determine the cost and timing associated with recommended improvement initiatives. The opportunities identified in the on-site assessment and analysis are prioritized based on potential savings as well as the cost and timing of implementation.

Board Ready Reports
We combine concrete analytics with “go and see” shop floor investigation to provide accurate, attainable savings opportunities and we assimilate the findings into a board ready final report structure that can be used for future planning.


Due Diligence
Mergers and acquisitions bring together organizations that have different business systems, management practices, and how work is formally and informally conducted. These critical areas are often overlooked which lead to operational, relationship, and financial performance issues post-merger.

Gain a Competitive Edge
Your organization will gain a competitive advantage through the systematic use of labor, equipment, material, and capital. We will help you gain organizational alignment and quantify in financial terms, how operational changes will deliver profit and value.

A Holistic Solution
We look at three key areas: operational excellence, business systems, and the culture of your organization. All three areas need to be considered anytime there is a major undertaking, whether it is an acquisition, a new offering, expansion analysis, relocation or merger. This balanced approach identifies overlooked opportunities and roadblocks resulting in faster integration and sustainable operating results.
ROI Focused
ROI analysis is fundamental across all of our services and is second nature to ensuring we provide meaningful, credible risk analysis outputs. Additionally, our team has decades of experience working on these types of engagements and will partner closely with your leadership and project team.
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