What is Lean Business Transformation?

We help our clients achieve world-class manufacturing and performance enhancements by implementing a lean enterprise system. The primary objective of a lean transformation is to streamline business and operational processes by eliminating all non-essential activities to improve the bottom line.


Lean is not a one-size-fits-all tool. It requires the commitment of everyone within your organization. That’s why we focus on these key areas to develop the right solution for your organization:

Business Systems
Disciplined adherence to well defined and documented business systems and processes provides the bedrock of every lean organization

A lean business culture is one where strong alignment between how we work together and how work gets done exists at every level of the organization

Lean Enterprise
Layering lean tools and techniques on top of fundamental business systems and a well aligned and disciplined culture, is the key to long term sustainable success at every level


Marching to the Same Beat
When enterprise changes are required to become or remain competitive, a holistic approach is deployed to ensure that the entire organization is aligned on priorities and activities. FTE’s transformation team establishes specific goals and metrics across the organization that align to the broader company strategy

Driving Accountability
Many organizations struggle with accountability to meeting goals and objectives. Well-documented business systems provide the framework for driving a culture of accountability and proven lean principles such as business plan deployment connect those business systems with specific metrics leading to world class performance.

Cultural Change
Behaviors and cultural norms are difficult to change, particularly when required across multiple spans and layers of geographical or organizational boundaries. FTE has significant expertise with proven methodologies to design and implement specific activities that result in measurable and sustainable evolution to the culture, enabling the business changes necessary to remain competitive.

Sustainable Change
A large number of organizations are capable of making positive short-term changes through high-energy and focused initiatives. However, sustainment of these changes requires effective documentation, a true shift in cultural norms, and the implementation of proven lean tools and techniques

ROI Driven Transformation
Our transformation approach is based on delivering positive ROI to the business, improving bottom line, and making your company more competitive. The roadmap that we develop for your organization is supported by a financial analysis and the ROI is tracked and reported throughout the transformation execution.
A Holistic Solution
Our approach focuses on opportunities across each of these three areas (Business Systems, Culture, and Lean) starting first with assessments and then using our expertise in large scale transformation to map out a specific roadmap unique to your company needs. We leverage a series of pilot implementations relying on Plan, Do, Check, Act (PDCA) learning cycles before enterprise-wide roll-out
Support for your Leadership Team
We embed ourselves within with client leadership, most successfully at the C-Suite level, to ensure true top-down change and partner directly with leadership at all levels to coach them through transformation in a “with-them, not to-them” approach. This ensures that transformation on the front lines is supported, impactful and sustainable
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