Valerie Smith

Valerie is an FTE Senior Advisor whose career in Organization and Leadership Development spans fifteen years in internal corporate operations and decades as an external consultant in Pharma, Advertising, Big Four Consulting, IT, Non-Profit, Healthcare, Engineering and Insurance.  She brings her varied business background and deep experience in change, leadership and team development to ensure that the client business needs are achieved.

Notable experience and accomplishments:

  • Led an operations transformation in a pharma manufacturing organization to seize a sudden opportunity to increase vaccine sales by $2Billion. Managed and collaborated with all levels to create strategy, assess and change operation methods, create self-directed shop floor teams and require no FDA intervention.
  • Led and collaborated with largest Philadelphia fundraising organization in a total transformation of fundraising. Assessed end-to-end operations and performance. Resulted in the first increase in donations in three years and an eventual reorganization of 5 branches into 1 thereby reducing costs and increasing regional impact.
  • Transformed work streams in IT company related to sales, customer support and systems installations. Nine regions that participated became top corporate performers in sales, net income and client satisfaction within a year of implementation.
  • Led creation of a Mentoring Culture in major pharma company. Unwanted turnover reduced to 0 among participants and employee satisfaction scores related to professional and career development skyrocketed. All participants promoted to significant leadership roles within 18 months of participating due to strategic business mindset, leadership and collaboration skills learned in mentoring.
  • With Marketing VP let the turnaround of two food and beverage product lines – new strategy, marketing projects and work streams. Resulted n 25% increase in market share for salsa product. For beer product, reduced marketing costs by 2/3 and won top global advertising award.

Prior to joining FTE, Valerie owned a consulting business specializing in Organization Development, Meeting Design and Facilitation and Leadership Development.  Valerie’s corporate career has included leading the global Leadership and Organizational Development Team at Shared Medical Systems, at the time the #1 creator and provider of Hospital Information Systems.  She was a Senior Consultant at the Sun (Oil) Company in similar roles.

Valerie holds a Master of Organization Development from The American University, a Bachelor’s degree in International Relations from Boston University.  She is a graduate of NTL’s Program for Specialists in Organization Development and The Anthony Robbins’ Mastery University.  She is fluent in Spanish and adept in Latin America.