Ron Jakubec

Ron is an FTE Senior Advisor with over 30 years of manufacturing experience. His areas of expertise include manufacturing process improvement, maintenance optimization, project management, and the implementation of lean principles. Throughout his career, Ron has led several plants to breakthrough improvements in labor efficiency, throughput, and delivery, while also enhancing quality metrics for his sites.

Notable experience and accomplishments:

  • In 2010, Ron received the Ingersoll Rand President’s Award for Operational Excellence for developing and championing a project that reduced a manufacturing footprint by 75,000 sq-ft and saved $.5M in annual lease and facility costs
  • As the General Manager of the Trane Lexington KY facility, he achieved $13.7M in gross productivity in year-over-year (YOY) metrics, overseeing an operation with 154 salaried employees and 670 hourly personnel
  • Optimized plant floorspace to add a second assembly line at the Hussmann Chino manufacturing site, supporting a 60% production increase over two years while also improving Initial Customer Quality Data by 65%
  • During market downturns of 35% and 33% in sales, he flexed Hussmann locations he managed to achieve 6% and 11% productivity gains, resulting in over $3.0M in annual savings on LVOH and fixed costs
  • Managed union facilities, some with four unions and separate contracts, showcasing adeptness at contract negotiations and maintaining good working relationships with plant personnel, particularly during challenging times
  • With several years of experience managing maintenance and engineering activities in an automotive plant manufacturing environment, Ron instituted Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) methods where visual factory and “Run Time” Preventive Maintenance Inspections increased from 23% to 48% of Maintenance PM hours
  • Ron is well-versed in manpower manning models, work balance methods, and throughput efficiency, driven by years of experience in production management

Prior to consulting, Ron spent 17 years with Ford Motor Company in various positions in maintenance and production management. He then worked for 7 years with Ingersoll Rand as a Plant Manager, overseeing manufacturing plants in New York, California, and Kentucky, with a focus on instituting lean principles and improving operations. Ron spent the last 8 years of his career as the owner of his own manufacturing and engineering company in California, building emission equipment for some of the largest companies in the world.

Ron holds a Bachelor of Science in Welding Engineering from Ohio State University