Raymond Campos

Raymond is an FTE Senior Advisor with over 30 years of combined experience across Manufacturing, Operations Management, Supply Chain Logistics and Lean Transformation in automotive, food and thermal management industries. Raymond has an extensive background with respect to Toyota and the Toyota Production System. He has the unique perspective of having worked as a Team Member and progressing through the leadership ranks at New United Motors Manufacturing, Inc. (NUMMI), learning and applying TPS from the ground up. His approach and ability to develop others are just a few of his major strengths. He attributes his success to engaging the team and involving them with the change.

Notable experience and accomplishments:

  • Partnered with an engineering team to support WMS productivity initiative. As Operational Excellence Manager, spearheaded standard work project at three west coast sites in a 3PL organization to create process stability, flow, and improved quality to automotive OEM.  Trained 350 team members, leaders and engineers, documented 90 processes, project yield 1.9mm in savings , and improved inventory on-loc accuracy by 29%.
  • Orchestrated complete component assembly plant relocation. Facilitated three (3)  2P -Process Preparation workshops to integrate component assembly and monolithic cable manufacturing at a brand-new operations facility. Achieved 50% reduction in operational square footage and eliminated 75% of on hand inventory with no negative impact to customer or operations.
  • Was mentored at Japan’s Motomachi plant in Leader Development. Certified by Toyota Institute as a Trainer in job instruction, standard work. kaizen. Trained Production Leaders on process improvement through Toyota leadership skill development and departmental scorecard for Lean Leadership KPI’s improved by 50%. In addition, DPV improvement of 10%,  JD power score increase of 6 points.
  • Directed the Complete Lean Transformation for 2 Regional Sites in North America. Developed the Schriber Production System Office, lead the implementation of communication systems, used problem solving team methodology, and facilitated 5S & other kaizen events. During that time; facilitated 5 Global Lean Assessments External; directed 3 site Lean assessments and achieved 1 point YOY Improvement of site Lean Scores on a 1-4 pt. scale.

Prior to consulting,  Raymond developed his lean leadership roots working the production line, manufacturing vehicles following Toyota’s standard work processes in the Body & Weld Dept. at NUMMI. Here, he pursued his passions in operations management, working his way from Team Leader, Group Leader, and Area Manager. As a Team Leader he traveled to Japan to help support the new model launch of the Toyota Corolla  and Pontiac Vibe. Raymond served as the  Body Weld & Paint Toyota Production System (TPS) coordinator, where he led many Jishukens, Lean trainings and Leadership Development initiatives. Raymond applied his education from Toyota Institute and Toyota’s Operations Management Development Department to manager the Truck Body Weld and Truck Assembly division. He later carried his passion for lean into the food and dairy industry and to other OEM’s as a Senior Lean Six Sigma consultant. Raymond has also served as both a Plant Value Stream Manager and Lean Transformation Manager for Pentair, a Thermal Management company.

Raymond Campos holds a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certification from Villanova University and is also certified by the Toyota Institute of Japan in Standard Work, Kaizen and Toyota Job Instruction. He also holds a Project Management Certificate from Villanova University.