Noman Husain

Noman is an FTE Senior advisor with over 25 years of experience in product engineering, operations, and quality systems within the manufacturing and industrial automation sectors. He is well-versed in lean principles, with extensive hands-on training and a record of leading large-scale lean transformations in direct leadership and consulting roles for OEMs and their suppliers. 

Notable Experience and Accomplishments: 

  • Led the formulation and execution of a comprehensive turnaround plan for private equity that tackled post-M&A integration issues, operational inefficiencies, fragmented supply chains, and workforce challenges, resulting in $28M savings. 
  • Led a successful large-scale operational transformation based on world-class manufacturing at an industrial appliances manufacturer across North American sites. 8% transformation cost reduction. 
  • Defined and executed project engineering transformation roadmap by product standardization, design re-utilization, and supply chain integration, resulting in 20%+ cost reduction and 30% reduction in time to market. 
  • Ideated and established an educational services business unit at a global robotics and automation company to innovate a business model, diversify revenue stream, and increase resilience. 
  • Defined and executed the strategic framework to innovate, engineer, and industrialize new products through product benchmarking, knowledge management, and structured development. 

Before consulting, Noman held pivotal roles in product development, operations, and quality at Comau, an industrial automation company, for over a decade. His prior experience includes a progression of roles at FCA, starting as a product engineer and advancing through production supervision, quality management, operations management, and lean advisory. 

Noman earned a Master of Science in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering from Wayne State University. He also acquired a Master’s Certificate in Six Sigma, certifications as a Lean Master, and Shainin Journeyman. He is trained in ‘Train the Trainer,’ as well as John Maxwell’s training and coaching methods.