Mike Draybuck

Mike is an FTE Senior Advisor who is a results oriented, ethics driven leader with significant experience and contributions in manufacturing management, new product launches, quality control, and lean manufacturing.  Mike has demonstrated ability to work through complex situations and deliver positive results.  Personal strengths are vehicle assembly management, quality system development, project management, planning and execution in the automotive sector in Europe and the United States.  Mike’s recent experience includes direct line leadership positions in high volume automobile assembly plants managing quality systems supporting lean manufacturing in Body, Paint, and Assembly operations.

Notable experience and accomplishments:

  • Responsible for all daily shop floor quality operations, where he matured and managed one of GM’s highest quality production plants in North America. While establishing quality techniques in a lean manufacturing environment, the plant won J D Power’s Bronze award for North American plants in 2010, and Motor Trend Car of the Year Awards in 2013 and 2014 for new car launches.
  • Manufacturing Operations Leadership roles in chassis, trim and final processing vehicle operations. Senior planning role in the relocation of multiple product between plant sites. Included developing detailed tooling moves, coordination between plants and supporting the relaunch of the vehicle line.
  • Senior member of planning team that developed, planned and executed the brownfield conversion of a high volume German vehicle assemble site. Required numerous detailed and coordinated modifications and improvements that minimized impact to production output.
  • Led Quality Operations for European site, which included Metal Stamping, Body Shop, Paint Shop, and Assembly operations. Maintained Product quality interface with CKD operations in Asia and South America for off-site assembly. Developed the plant quality model for the “Leanfield” assembly plant as part of the plant launch team.
  • Managed quality operations in 3 shift, high volume plants with complex product mixes. Established quality system improvements to maintain established quality standards and product integrity during product launches and dynamic production schedules.
  • As Product Launch Engineer, responsible for translating and integrating marketing and customer requirements and quality standards into Opel design and production systems for the Cadillac Catera program.

Prior to consulting, Mike retired from General Motors, where he held positions such as Plant Quality Operations Manager at the General Motors plant in Lansing, Michigan, Plant Quality Manager at the General Motors plants in Lake Orion, and Flint, Michigan, and Plant Quality Manager at the Opel Ruesselsheim Plant.  Mike was recognized with GM’s Chairman’s Honors Award for his role in establishing the 2008 Malibu as a JD Power segment winner in 2008.

Mike holds a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and a Master of Business Administration from the University of Michigan Dearborn.