Matt Williams

Matt is an FTE Senior Advisor whose career spans over 20 years across manufacturing engineering, operations and program management in the automotive and aerospace industries. Matt has extensive training and experience in the deployment of lean principals and has been directly involved in several lean transformations in both direct and consulting roles, in both OEM and tiered supplier settings.

Notable Experience and Accomplishments:

  • Led Industrial Engineering efforts on an expedited vehicle launch program for a major automotive OEM that met or exceeded all cost and schedule targets. This included working in conjunction with facilities engineering to right-size the operations for 4 new conveyor systems to support over 120 direct labor workstations.
  • Supported the launch of new seat for a major airline and improved supplier on-time delivery from 94% to over 98% within 2 months.
  • Led a team of manufacturing engineers, tooling engineers and supplier engineers responsible for the interface between external suppliers that improved aircraft safety and quality and reduced production build lead time by over 20%.
  • Performed multiple operational excellence assessments and benchmarking studies in the automotive sector in Europe, Asia and the United States. Assessment deliverables included detailed focused recommendations to improve all operational aspects.
  • As Staff Specialist in the Process Kaizen Management Department at New United Motor Manufacturing, Inc. (“NUMMI”), Matt managed the insourcing of a third party supplier into NUMMI that saved nearly $1 million dollars over the lifetime of the project.
  • As Engineering and Program Manager at Android Industries, Matt performed program management responsibilities for the launch of future complex assemblies, sequenced commodities and sub-assemblies and established over 150% of new business growth for the Ai-Fremont Parts Center.

Prior to consulting, Matt held various lean manufacturing, program management and engineering positions at Android Industries over a five year period. Before Android, Matt worked for General Motors as a tooling engineer and then lean coordinator where he attended numerous “Vision” trips to NUMMI Assembly Plant.  After establishing a solid base and understanding in lean manufacturing and the Toyota Production System, Matt became a production supervisor at the Detroit/Hamtramck Cadillac Assembly Plant.

Matt holds a Master of Science in Engineering, Management of Technology from the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and a Bachelor of Science, Mechanical Engineering from the University of Michigan. Matt also holds a Master Certificate in Six Sigma from Villanova University and has also taken several Product Design for Manufacturability Courses at Stanford University.