Manuel Reyes Jr.

Manuel is an FTE Senior Advisor that has over 36 years of automotive manufacturing experience, culminating in an extensive background in operations leadership with an emphasis on processing, lean manufacturing, and people systems. Mr. Reyes is quality driven, results oriented, and customer focused, with a proven track record of delivering major projects on time, within budget, and rapidly moving into the continuous improvement phase. Areas of expertise include: project management, process improvement, maintenance optimization, team development and engagement, staffing and employee development, and the implementation of lean principles.

Notable experience and accomplishments:

  • Led a team of Manufacturing Engineers in enhancing and Implementing Equipment Structural Improvements and Assist devices (8)
  • Performed Several Operational & Quality Benchmarking Studies in 8 North American Toyota Plants & 5 In Japan with recommendations to improve and Enhance Operations
  • As a Led in the Corolla Major Launch for Body Operations at NUMMI Completed Training & Implementation of New processes for 235 TM,s  achieved Launch priorities ahead of  schedule. While working aligned with Union Leadership and their support
  • Supported the Launch of a New TPM system with Maintenance improving TPM Completion by 19%, and a cost savings of $460K , implementing a tracking system to monitor and update weekly
  • Organized and Facilitated the Training of 64 TL’s in Daily Responsibilities which was completed in 3 months, in a course that was created based on Toyota Lean Principles and Continuous Improvement
  • Organized and Supported the Training of 162 TM’s, 64 TL’s in Std Work and 5’s Principles, which included Process Certification
  • Led and Supported the installation of a Paint ED System Chain Replacement, which System was 30 years old. $400K cost savings and 40% improvement in OPR

Prior to consulting, Manuel worked at Toyota 36 years and held roles in Manufacturing Operations, Engineering, Maintenance, Quality & PC. During this time, Manuel led various organizations through 10 new model launches 12 plus minor model launches. Manuel spent 24 years working in and within a Union Environment while at NUMMI. As a senior manufacturing Manager for 10 years, he worked in 2 Body Weld Areas with experience leading Body operations, with responsibility for production, engineering, maintenance, PC & Quality  operations on a three-shift schedule. 

Manuel Attended College for 3 Years in California and has completed 60 Training Courses Through Toyota Institute on Management & TPS, Lean principles and Continuous Improvement. He has also been Trained in Japan at 8 Facilities on TPS Principles. Fluent in Spanish.