Keith Chrisman

Keith is a Senior Advisor with FTE Performance Consulting with 33 years of experience in automotive engineering, manufacturing, quality, and new product launches.  Keith has demonstrated his ability to work with, teach, and coach others to deliver positive results.  His strengths are quality system development, project management, and the ability to work with all levels of the operation to affect change.  Keith’s recent experience includes direct line leadership positions in high and low volume automobile assembly plants managing quality systems and new product launches of several different cars, trucks, and SUVs.

Notable experience and accomplishments:

  • Casting and Machining Experience: Led the development of a re-designed force balancer system for a 4-cylinder engine directing manufacturing, engineering, purchasing, and quality teams resulting in reduced warranty and increased customer satisfaction.  
    • Designing and developing of grey iron casting and was responsible for the development and revision of aluminum casting. 
    • Involved in leading a team with how the the molds were pulled and poured as well as the setting up the machining 
    • The balancer was machined in plants, and was involved in how the speed changes were conducted for the aluminum casting
  • Developing and understanding of how the machining worked for aluminum and grey iron casting 
  • Facilitated the communication of information between vehicle platforms and powertrain teams during the launch of a new small truck.  Worked with all levels of management to document and resolve issues prior to a successful launch.
  • Responsible for all daily shop-floor quality operations on the off shifts of a high volume 3 shift production plant. Led the “Drive to 95” working with the quality teams and production teams to become the first vehicle assembly plant for GM to receive BIQ3 recognition by attaining a direct run rate of 95% and other metrics. 
  • Led a team hourly and salary employees at a major OEM to reduce manpower by 15% to a target of 10% by utilizing lean manufacturing strategies.
  • Coached and taught techniques, including Value Stream Mapping, Team Build, Standardized Work,  Problem Solving, 6 Sigma, and other lean strategies.
  • As Quality Launch Manager spearheaded a team of qualified professionals working from concept initiation through the end of acceleration to deliver a robust quality system that delivered exceptional vehicles on time with quality metrics surpassing the contract requirements.

Prior to consulting, Keith retired from General Motors, where he held positions such as Plant Quality Operations Manager at the General Motors plants in Lansing and Pontiac Michigan, Plant Quality Manager at the General Motors plant in Lansing Michigan, and Quality Launch Manager for 4 vehicle platforms in Lansing Michigan.   Keith was recognized with GM’s Quality Network – People Make Quality Happen award in 2016. Keith holds a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering and a Master of Science in Engineering from Purdue University West Lafayette.  He has also received Quality Engineering Certification for The American Society for Quality and has received Shainin Red “X” certification.