Jim Sherard

Jim Sherard is an FTE Senior Advisor with 30 plus years of opportunities and experiences gathered while employed at a raw materials steel manufacturing facility, an automotive manufacturing/assembly operation, and his own start-up independent small business automotive paint and body repair facility.  Jim has continued to remain engaged in support of “Continuous Improvement / Lean Manufacturing Processes” through previous FTE projects and most recently with a manufacturer of a full line of conveyor belting products.

Notable experience and accomplishments:

  • Established a Disaster Preparedness Module for a new automotive plant, collaborating with local authorities to ensure staff readiness for emergencies
  • Implemented a Layered Audit Process for Material Handling & Operations, aligning with GMS Principles for adherence to departmental initiatives
  • Collaborated with UAW Health and Safety Representatives to deliver training on various safety aspects including fork truck operation and electrical lockout
  • Supported manufacturing floor transformation activities including workplace organization and process flow optimization
  • Orchestrated the transition to electronic/automatic reordering systems for both small and bulk commodities, resulting in a 15% reduction in material department overhead expenses upon full implementation for small commodities and a 15% initial reduction in overhead cost from bulk material operations and fork truck equipment totals for bulk commodities
  • Oversaw annual manpower studies, achieving targeted savings of 5% to 10% in departmental overhead
  • Coordinated with Maintenance for the conversion to “opportunity rapid charge” trucks, reducing waste in the battery change process
  • Cultivated strong relationships with shop floor personnel and leadership through regular communication and value-driven interactions

Prior to consulting, Jim began his career in Industrial Health and Safety at a midwestern steel production facility, then worked at a UAW represented automotive assembly plant.  Additional education and experience were achieved in the areas of labor relations, front line assembly and manufacturing supervision, lean/competitive initiatives and principles including workplace organization, materials management/planning, and project leadership.

After these assignments, Jim launch his start-up operations; an independent repair facility specializing in automotive paint and body restoration for a customer base consisting of retail, regional automotive dealerships, vehicle rental/leasing outlets, and a central automotive manufacturing/assembly facility.