Jeffrey Zaleski

Jeff is an FTE Senior Advisor with over 41 years of experience encompassing manufacturing engineering, operations, program launches, and management within the automotive industry and its supply chain. He brings extensive expertise in Lean Principles and Manufacturing Operations, emphasizing continuous improvement. Jeff has actively contributed to manufacturing sites in both full-time and consulting capacities for OEMs and tiered suppliers.

Notable experience and accomplishments:

  • Executed multiple workshops within a year, yielding $3.094M in savings for new model implementation and cost avoidance across various OEM programs in the supply base, while incorporating Design for Manufacturing, Design for Assembly, Complexity Reduction, and Lean principles.
  • Developed, deployed and executed rapid lean assessment tool for continuous improvement
  • Spearheaded and built a War Room, with detailed layouts (station by station) for and with the Advanced Manufacturing team.
  • Facilitated and coordinated team collaboration sessions in the designated war room, these sessions were instrumental in refining and developing the vision before executing it on the production floor
  • Guided and trained the Advanced Manufacturing Engineering team and delivered standards for time studies, manning and completed 61 job instructions for new operations for a greenfield Electric Delivery Van
  • Analyzed and developed a map that helped define the tooling plan for 831 and quality standard for critical torques
  • Contributed to the virtual build workshops by using Design for Manufacturing and Assembly methodology to optimize our station to station and process map generation to minimize investment
  • Developed a process to identify and track progress for workstation readiness and execution in 11 stations & sub assembly areas

Prior to consulting, Jeff spent one year at Chrysler Trenton Engine Plant as a facility engineer. He then dedicated 39 years to Ford Motor Company, holding various roles in Plant Manufacturing Operations, Maintenance, Industrial and Process Engineering, including positions as Launch Lead for Final Assembly and Quality Improvement team leader. Jeff transitioned to the Ford Production System coaching and Audit team, later joining the New Model Cross Functional Launch Team and the new model cost reduction and Commodity Business Plan Teams. He then moved to the Global Supplier Technical Assistance Team, managing the Continuous Improvement Team, co-developing and teaching the Ford Lean Learning Academy, and engaging critical suppliers for constraints, capacity increases, and new model launch support in North America, Mexico, and Canada.

Jeff holds a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering Technology from Wayne State University, a Lean Certification from the University of Kentucky, and certifications as a Green Belt and Black Belt Trained from Ford Motor Company.