Ivo Sanches

Ivo Sanches is a Senior Advisor for FTE Performance Consulting with over 40 years of combined experience in Program Management, Lean Manufacturing Implementation, Process Standardization and Optimization, Material Handling Engineering, and Business Culture Transformation with a major automotive OEM. Ivo has demonstrated the ability to work in a cross-cultural environment and drive production and material flow performance improvement across several different assembly facilities. Ivo has been recognized throughout his career for his skills in management, team building, training and mentoring, lean manufacturing, and lean material systems.

Notable experience and accomplishments:

  • Led the creation of the Integration Engineering team and the development and implementation of Lean Manufacturing and Lean Material Strategies for Body Shop operations in North America, focusing on reducing operating costs, improving production throughput, and optimizing the entire system, including logistics.
  • Directed the development and implementation of automated material delivery strategies for Stamping, Body Shop, and Vehicle Assembly processes, resulting in over $3 million in yearly savings for the Body Shop in a single Assembly Facility.
  • As the Integration Engineering Manager, Ivo led the Global Standardized Strategies for Body Shop process development and Material Flow planning based on the Assembly Plant production mix. This resulted in optimized and standard process layouts and equipment.
  • As part of the International Development Center in Europe, Ivo coordinated the planning and installation of the entire Body Shop and General Assembly systems for Greenfield facilities in Brazil, Argentina, Thailand, and Poland, from initial concept to complete readiness.
  • Ivo managed several Program Vehicle implementations in overseas assembly facilities in South Africa, Egypt, Colombia, and Ecuador. He started with the analysis to define the best solution for the total enterprise’s lowest cost, including tooling investment, overseas logistics, and packing to the installation and production readiness at the CKD facility.

Prior to joining FTE Performance Consulting, Ivo retired from General Motors after a diverse 41-year career. Through his many and various roles and positions throughout the organization, Ivo has gained competencies in program management, lean manufacturing and lean material systems, standardization and continuous improvement, engineering processes, and multiple vehicle launches. Ivo is a strong people leader who fosters an open, inclusive, and cross-cultural environment to generate ideas and find solutions.

Ivo holds a Master of Science in Welding Systems from the Universidade Estatual Paulista Julio de Mesquita Filho and a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering and Production Systems also from the Universidade Estadual Paulista Julio de Mesquita Filho, Sao Paulo, Brazil.