Greg Hagen

Greg is an FTE Senior Advisor whose career spans over 33 years across manufacturing engineering, operations and program management in the automotive industry. Mr. Hagen has extensive training and experience in launch execution and program development.  He has been directly involved in launching over twenty models of cars and trucks with a proven track record of on time, on budget performance through effective team building and problem solving.

Notable Experience and Accomplishments:

  • Executed the launch of a new model introduction in North America and China. This was the first application of an all new mix material vehicle architecture (60% aluminum/40% steel) with specialized joining technologies. This project represented a greenfield startup in China and $300M brownfield conversion in the U.S. from product concept through start of production.  Greg successfully managed the processing, tooling and equipment, and investment for an on-time start-up in both regions.
  • Led the organization through a $100 million general assembly brownfield conversion, including the pre-production planning, operator training and total demolition and rearrangement of the existing process. All new conveyor systems, equipment and tooling was successfully installed and validated in three months.
  • Led a team of manufacturing and plant engineers to assess and develop productivity improvements for a major automotive OEM assembly plant. Material and production processes were modified generating a $120 manufacturing cost per unit reduction.
  • Executed a $130M body shop brownfield conversion, developing a supplier integrated plan that validated the process, equipment and cycle times prior to plant installation; enabling prototype vehicles to be built in the production process at one-third the cost.
  • As a Production Launch Manager at General Motors, Greg developed and implemented the Master Dot process for a major launch and was a key participant in the initial development of the Global Launch Process used throughout General Motors today.

Prior to consulting, Greg worked at General Motors for 33 years and held various roles in Manufacturing Engineering and Manufacturing Operations.  During his career, Greg spent 9 years as the Global Manufacturing Chief Engineer leading the program development and launch execution from concept to start of production for the Chevrolet Corvette, Chevrolet Camaro and Cadillac CT6, including a greenfield start-up in China and three brownfield conversions.  Greg spent 3 years in South Korea managing the program investment and process development for three global assembly plants.  Prior to his launch and program development experience, Greg spent over over 10 years in four plants on multiple shifts working in various production leadership roles in General Assembly.

Greg holds a Bachelor of Business Administration Finance degree from the University of Notre Dame.