Emily Altimare, Ph.D.

Emily Altimare is a Senior Advisor at FTE Performance Consulting.  She holds a Ph.D. in Cultural Anthropology and has conducted original research and cultural transformation work within a variety of industries including: automotive, healthcare, higher education, shipbuilding and aerospace. Her expertise includes organizational culture, workplace transformation, user-centered design, socio-technical systems and lean manufacturing. Emily utilizes a variety of qualitative and quantitative methods including: participant observation, interview, cognitive mapping, and work process diagramming, and survey.

Emily’s research and project experience includes:

  • Value stream analysis of the order to delivery process for a custom vehicle manufacturer, identifying over 4 million dollars in cost savings through reduced sales order processing time, engineering time, and improved part availability for production.
  • Designed and conducted enterprise-wide cultural assessment of a large international firm, the findings of which were used to design custom interventions to support the organization’s readiness to change.
  • Facilitated lean transformation initiatives throughout a complex manufacturing environment with focus on leadership alignment, communications, and organizational structure activities and improvements.
  • Strategic planning and implementation of a multiyear lean roadmap focused on enterprise lean and the use of lean principles in functional and transactional groups foremost engineering.
  • Conducted a customer focused rapid ethnographic assessment of “car culture” (with a focus on car space as an extension of home) using interviews, focus groups, and in-vehicle observations to explore cultural processes associated with in-vehicle technology use.

Emily’s publications include:

  • Altimare, Emily and David M. Sheridan. 2016. The Role of Nonclassroom Spaces in Living-Learning Communities. Journal of Learning Spaces.
  • Barnes, Jessica V. and Emily Altimare et al. 2009. Creating and Sustaining Authentic Partnerships with Community in a Systemic Model. Journal of Higher Education Outreach and Engagement.
  • Altimare, Emily, and Clinton Humphrey. 2007. Beyond ethnography: corporate & design anthropology. Arlington, VA: American Anthropological Association.

Emily holds a Ph.D. in Anthropology from Michigan State University, a Masters degree in Applied Anthropology from Northern Arizona University and a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology from the University of Delaware.