Don Bos

Don is an FTE Senior Advisor with over 40 years of manufacturing, maintenance, operations, engineering, and launch experience in the automotive industry.  He has an extensive background in lean manufacturing, program & project management, program launches, production process development, continuous improvement, installation and operator interfaced tooling.  Don has demonstrated an ability to manage complex projects and meet all project metrics.  His expertise includes process development & improvement, maintenance optimization, tool design, complex installation planning/executing along with a high level of technical knowledge around automation, conveyances, safety, operator stations, robotic processes, welding, material presentation and quality/dimensional.  Don is a pragmatic & innovative problem solver.

Notable experience and accomplishments:

  • 2 Time Recipient of the President’s Council Award – “Best of the Best” – 100 best accomplishments worldwide
  • Executed as Program Launch Manager 10 vehicles in 7 years at one major automotive OEM plant. Detailed up front planning & implementation plans in a staggered timing format made these multi-million automation modifications a success. Metrics were green.
  • Spearheaded innovative resolutions on a 3 vehicle staggered start launch when product significantly changed & design ownership shifted to China. Personally developed layouts, estimates, integrations, & detailed layered build plans.  Championed double digit million budget increase. All 12 hour time difference product Coordination issues were resolved. All launch metrics were Green.
  • Developed innovative camera technology to solve an on-going error proofing issue as a Maintenance/Engineering Superintendent. Utilized a local Georgian company to develop the first camera based error proofing. Saved 200-300k checking door panels & recording pictures & body seq.  Spearheaded further innovative applications by mounting to robots.  Now considered best practice.
  • Drove & Developed an innovative Dynamic Vehicle Test program as the DVT & End of Line Electrical Coordinator for a major automotive OEM. Created along with 2 other engineers a 2 minute DVT test program, along with line rearrangements a method to exercise all diagnostic codes relating to new California Emission laws. Efforts protected car from recalls. Won award for this.
  • Expanded roles to assist trades during a 400 robot conversion as a Maintenance Supervisor by learning PLC 2,3,4,5 & SLC logic controllers as well as Fanuc, ABB, & KUKA robots.
  • Lead & Managed the installation of the Zeiss Coordinate Measuring Room as a Tooling Supervisor for a major automotive OEM. Created a new trade & hired & trained all.

Prior to consulting, Don worked for General Motors.  He held various roles in Tooling, Maintenance, & Production at various levels of responsibility at the assembly level before moving to corporate where he worked as  Manufacturing Integration Manager for future car placement thru launching around 14 vehicles as a Lead Project Manager for Lowers.  During his career he worked across 7 assembly plants & multiple corporate locations.

Don holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from GMI Engineering and Management Institute (now Kettering University).