Daniel Kendall

Dan is a Senior Advisor with over 39 years of metals industry experience supplying the automotive and building component industries. His extensive background in the manufacturing process, metallurgical applications, and sourcing design was foundational to his success in operational and executive leadership. He is a problem solver and accomplished negotiator who pursues predictability and longevity in all activities.

Notable experience and accomplishments:

  • Led a successful corporate culture transformation across multiple locations, establishing a unified language and value system
    • 12-month initiative prioritized teaching associates empathetic communication and recognizing the value of individual contributions to strategic goals
    • Employee retention increased by 50% within two years
    • Strategic shift sustained employee ROI growth exceeding 10%
  • Implemented the “Switchboard Model,” a 12-month program that elevated the company from a small niche player to the third-largest Nonferrous Strip distributor in North America
    • The “Corporate Brand” gained international recognition, attracting attention from prominent media outlets, trade publications, and governmental agencies, solidifying its market position with a global presence
  • Designed and developed an overreaching business concept of “Access and Scale”
    • Initiative resulted in C-Suite access to multi-national suppliers with tens of billions in sales and access to 93% of all global nonferrous alloys

Prior to consulting, Dan worked at ABC Metals, Inc. for 39 years and held roles in production, supervision, quality, and technical sales prior to his promotion to the executive team. He also served 18 years as President of ABC Metals. In his executive role, he served on multiple trade association boards, including their leadership rotations. In 2019, his industry knowledge and stature led the USTR in Washington, DC, to request his testimony in a tariff trade case regarding copper tariffs.

Dan holds a degree in Business and Finance from Indiana University.